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Spat on your shoes // Ayakkabılarını ıSpatla


Turkish Soldiers wearing spats
Turkish Soldiers wearing spats

When I came across this brilliant idea, I could not contain myself.  Posso the Spat is a basically a new twist on the traditional spats – also worn as Turkish armed forces.  Instead of investing on a new pair of shoes, sandals, or boots spats will change your favorite shoe to a newer version of itself. I think this one of the greatest shoe accessories ever!  However, at about 300 bucks a pop it is quite pricey. Another possibe DIY project on the horizon – my grandfather would’ve whipped these babies up for me if he was alive 😉  If you are willing to invest in them you can have your very own Posso the Spat online at Revolve Clothing or at Cyana Boutique.


Konumuz her zamanki gibi ayakkabı.  Bu dehasal ayakkabı aksesuarlarının varlığından haberdar olunca herkesle paylaşmak istedim.  Spat denen olay bildiğimiz askerlerin ayaklarına geçirdikleri tozlukPosso the Spat bu fikri modernleştirerek ayakkabılarını farklı bir şekle bürünmesini yardım ediyor.  Ekonomik krizde pekte yararlı olabilecek bu tozluk olayı aslında 300 kusur $ oldukları için pekte ekonomik sayılmazlar.  Rahmetli dedem hayatta olsaydı bana çeşit çeşit yapardı.  Yok, beni ekonomik kriz etkilemez derseniz eğer o zaman Revolve Clothing yada Cyana Boutique´den kendinize Posso the Spat ısmarlayabilirsiniz.  Bana  tabi ki yeni “kendin pişir kendin ye” projesi olarak geri dönebilir daha büyük bir olasılık.



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  1. 23/10/2008 14:32

    oh, those are so beautiful. and i smiled when I read that your grandfather would make them for you if he was alive, becuase I thought the same thing!

  2. getpunkie permalink*
    23/10/2008 14:50

    🙂 I wish he was still around to teach me to design shoes and possibly make them. One day I will do a post on his designs. My mom and aunt kept the shoes he has made for them luckily.

  3. Todd S. permalink
    10/04/2009 21:15

    I am sorry, I don’t care for spats (just learned what they are thanks to your post). Spats are ugly and not attractive. Furthermore, they remind me of Eda Taspinar, who has a terrible taste for fashion and is not afraid to display it. However, all of the shoes in the image at the very top are simply stunning!

    Todd S.

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