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2 Whole Years!


Fake Uggs for my baby girl

Wow. Remember that project I gave up? The one that made me decide to start Istanbul on Stilettos?  It has been two whole freaking years!!! since I went back to the project and still….a failure. I think sometimes you have to ACCEPT your failures.    What happened in two years? I got married, I quit my job, I got preggers (3 more weeks!).  But my project is still a failure, FA-I-LU-RE! Today, I accept my failure. Wheeew! What a relieeef!

I decided since the baby is on the way and I am practically a full time you-know-what (it rhymes with wouse hife, argggh) I might as well accept this to be a hobby. Yes, a hobby. Nothing wrong with that now is there?  No pressesures about hits, and adsense, and seo, and duplicate meta tags! Wohoooo!!!! I am freee!!!  I want to go back to my original idea of discovering the city (with the baby, now), myself, and my style. Those things were my priorities that fell out of sight. I have no clue, how, when, where…etc. I have to admit…I just don’t want to give up on the whole idea completely. I mean, the effort that I put into it….5 years in the making…I want someone to adopt my dream and run with it! I am willing to contribute. I have a few things in the works to make sure that it is adopted by someone caring 🙂

During my nesting preps for the baby, I came to this conclusion. But, I guess my turning point was when Garance Dore came to Istanbul and captured it from a perspective I wish I could’ve captured as a native. I decided also to keep this blog strictly English. Mainly because that is how my inner voice works – even after 2 years in this city. I have been horrible at writing Turkish content for the portal. It would stress the bejesus out of me. Maybe, I can be the English voice of Turkish style and culture….Oh, there I go again, setting up expectations…Stop, drop, and just be 🙂

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