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The one that got away

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Never in my wildest of dreams would I have thought that I would actually find a real, true, designer brand bargain in an Istanbul outlet center (Optimum), EVER! It was quite a huge surprise for me to find these babies. The CHLOE Spring 2008 Patent Leather Wedge Ski Boots!!! Sigh! In size 40. For only 285 Turkish Liras – which is about $200 US! Yep, you saw it right! Only $200. Even more sighs!

To make you understand how good this deal is, I am going to make you feel like a Turkish person by demonstrating a thought – on average you can buy a new pair boots for about 350 TLs in season. That’s how cheap the Chloe’s are (were)! I also would like to list the challenges involved in finding these babies in neat bullet points for your easy reading pleasure.

1 – This is Istanbul. Supposedly 18 million people live here. Assuming 1% of all the 18 million covet designer brands in the few true outlet stores I frequent, that makes (taking out the calculator…calculating…,yep, yep) 180 thousanddd people I have to compete with for those bargains…
2 – This is Istanbul. Any designer brand you attempte to buy at places like Beymen and Vakko, you pay double EU or US prices. Just cuz we are rich like that (you would think)…
3 – This is Istanbul…

Yep, i didn’t get them (yet)! Mainly because I am jobless pregnant lady who has swollen feet whose husband put her on a shoe embargo (or else). I have no clue if these babies would fit my feet after the birth. My feet actually looked quite funny when I put them on. They fit but the swollen part were bursting out in between the bands. I did not take a picture to save you and me some embarrassment. 😛

It has been over 12 hours since I set my eyes on them and had to abandon them. I still can’t get the thought out of my mind. Arghhh!

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