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About being a mom…


It has been almost 15 weeks since I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She has consumed ALL of my days and nights as expected – especially since I am breastfeeding. At first, everything was so hard for me to deal with. I was overwhelmed with all the responsibilities of taking care of a newborn – I didn’t expect it to be this hard to be honest. But as time passes by and my babe and I get to know each other, it is getting to be so much more fun. A lot of internet moms I follow get back to posting and updating at week 3. I have respect for those ladies. I wish I had that kind of schedule to be able to post as often.  But as spring comes and her sleeping and play time schedule sets in I will be able to post as often.  But most importantly I would like to do more craft things to share and also go out into the city to show my daughter this beautiful city she was born in – me in stilettos, she in her Starchild’s 🙂

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  1. 05/04/2011 04:58

    I’ve been following your blog in silence for a while, and I’m so happy to see you back!!!!
    So tebrikler for the baby girl and hope to read a lot more about fashion, style and life in Istanbul.

    Lillo from Japan

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